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Staley Tennis Academy is run by Shane Staley, a USPTA-certified professional coach, independent instructor and trainer. In March 2020, he received the credential of Accredited Professional Coach from the USPTA based on his extensive continuing education within the organization.  To date, he has trained hundreds of junior tennis players.

Shane has more than 400 hours of education, studying the sport of tennis.  He regularly attends classes and workshops to further his skills as a trainer. In addition, he has more than 2000 hours of on-court experience in training beginning to elite players.  His specialty is teaching juniors (ages 11-18) and prepping them for competitive play at the high school and collegiate level.

Here are just a few of the many skills he teaches:

Grips | Serve (increasing power and accuracy) | Footwork | Groundstrokes (kinetic chain of both forehands and backhands) | Mental toughness & positive attitude | Net play | Strategy (Singles & doubles)


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Training Resources
Shane Staley

Ball Machine Drills

During academy ball machine sessions, I wanted to collect the various drills players can run during their time on court. Currently, our Lobster Phenom has 6 preset drills. They can be accessed directly on the machine’s console as labeled. These

Shane Staley

The Preacher

Description: Simple one-shot play to defend against an approaching opponent. This play can be run in any situation where your opponent approaches and sets up deep in the service boxes near the service line. Goal: Forehand or backhand slice hit low to

Shane Staley

Between the Points: The 16-Second Cure

Entire matches are won or lost between points in tennis. It comes down to a proven ritual. A player’s ability to manage his or her own emotions, focus and stress levels become paramount to becoming a top competitor. I’m a

Grow with us

We love seeing the growth in players not only in the sport, but in life as well.  Tennis is not only a healthy activity, but our tennis training goes deeper, promoting mental toughness and wellbeing.     

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Offering both on-court 1-on-1 lessons, group drills and remote coaching at all junior levels, Staley Tennis is initiating local players in our community the sport as well as reaching national players through our remote coaching.

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The USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) is the nation’s top organization for developing tennis coaches for all levels of players. Check out Coach Staley’s official USPTA page here

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