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Shane Staley is a USPTA-certified professional coach, independent instructor and trainer. In March 2020, he received the credential of Accredited Professional Coach from the USPTA based on mandatory continuing education with the organization.  To date, he has trained hundreds of junior tennis players.

Shane has more than 400 hours of education, studying the sport of tennis.  He regularly attends classes and workshops to further his skills as a trainer. In addition, he has more than 2000 hours of on-court experience in training beginning to elite players.  His specialty is teaching juniors (ages 11-18) and prepping them for competitive play at the high school and collegiate level.

Here are just a few of the many skills he teaches:

Grips | Serve (increasing power and accuracy) | Footwork | Groundstrokes (kinetic chain of both forehands and backhands) | Mental toughness & positive attitude | Net play | Strategy (Singles & doubles)


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Staley Tennis Academy was founded in June 2018 as a summer camp/training facility by USPTA professional trainer Shane Staley in partnership with the North Webster Community Center (NWCC) to enrich the tennis culture around the surrounding community.  Together they restored the old public courts that were headed for demolition. As a head girls coach to a nearby high school, he inherited a struggling program where in 37 years the school had finished in last place 22 times, never having won a conference title.  Only 7 times had the team even finished in the top half of the conference. Being the head coach of a small school in a big conference was a big enough challenge, but the fact that there was no supporting tennis programs or culture in the community posed a far bigger issue.  Tennis, being an early initiation sport, was not even on most junior’s radar until very late—in high school—which made it difficult for players and the team to be competitive.

The academy was founded to increase access to the sport of tennis in the surrounding community with proper training and local play opportunities for youth to have the chance to discover and take part in a life-sport.


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Training Courts (North Webster, IN)

Staley Tennis Academy has a private 2-court lighted training facility located in North Webster, IN, across from the North Webster Community Center (behind the North Webster Church of God). Most private lessons, classes and smaller group drills take place here.

Club Courts (Syracuse, IN)

Staley Tennis Academy has approved access to a 10-court facility located at Wawasee High School. Most club events and large group drills take place here.



Staley Tennis Academy is the junior training division of Staley Tennis and offers three paid memberships, including remote memberships for those who live farther away from the academy. To view our membership plans, please click HERE.


Staley Tennis Club is the competitive branch of Staley Tennis and offers summer and fall sanctioned UTR events, including tournaments, leagues and a ladder system, for both junior and adult players. To find out more on the club, please visit the club site HERE.


The academy operates as a low-cost grass-roots foundation to train junior tennis players to succeed in USTA tournaments and in high school as well as provide training and opportunities to junior players who want to continue to play tennis at the collegiate level.


Our academy’s core training season takes place between June 1 and July 31 each year through our summer-long camp.  We have extended training opportunities before and after those dates for academy members.  Our USTA tournament season takes place from November 1-March 15 each year.


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The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is the national governing body for tennis in the United States. A not-for-profit organization with more than 700,000 members, it invests 100% of its proceeds to promote and develop the growth of tennis, from the grass-roots to the professional levels. In order for players to compete in USTA events, they must register their own account with the USTA.  Staley Tennis Academy reduces its rates for training juniors to allow families to better afford the additional costs for USTA memberships and registration to USTA events.

Please visit the USTA website to join!

Once you have registered, please enter your USTA ID/number in our app under preferences.  You will then be able to access all scores and local tournament right from our app, along with all other training details!


Our academy uses UTR (the Universal Tennis Rating system) to monitor growth of players’ skills and development.

Each individual player will need to create his or her unique profile after the first sanctioned match has been played.  It’s FREE and easy to sign up. Check out the following 3 steps:

  1. Check out UTR Info for parents.
  2. Join/Get Your Child Rated
  3. Claim / Setup His/Her Profile

Also, please check out the video below which explains how the UTR system works…